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Hello all, The Friendship Tree Festival is back, and getting better every year! Lots of live music throughout the day, dance acts and arts and crafts, ALL FREE ! Join us at The Knap Lake and Gardens, and local Cafes on July 24th 1pm - 7pm. This is Art4U's 7th annual Friendship Tree Festival , the theme of the festival is ‘Friendship’. Our aim is to create a gentle event, with a friendly atmosphere. We welcome all members of the public to come and enjoy this free day of music,...

Crystal Hinam
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Crystal Hinam

Myself and a few other local businesses are looking to set up a relaxed biweekly networking 'meeting' over The Knap in Barry. The 'meetings' will take place on a Monday morning, and will be casual drop in opportunities where people can meet to discuss business, share knowledge and make new connections and friends. All we ask is that people purchase a drink/food from the lovely hosts. It would be great to know if this is of interest to other Barry busineses/locals. Thanks.

Crystal Hinam
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Crystal Hinam

Crystal Hinam

Barry, United Kingdom

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Bio Hello, I'm a Website and Branding Designer running 'Little Birdie Studio' based in Barry. I work with mostly small companies and new businesses, I enjoy building strong, lasting relationships with my clients based on great design. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and exercising. I'm a big fan of 'Nicky Palmer Fitness' classes in Barry and go 3 times a week.

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