Microvolunteering for Barry

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow has set up a campaign to inspire local residents to give the equivalent of 7 days out of 365 (a few minutes or a few hours here and there) to improve their local community. She is using the microvolunteering concept to encourage community action to better the ward she has jurisdiction over. Could a scheme be set up for Barry using a similar model? For background info, here's the website of her project:

As a starter for ten, I've added a document that provides ideas for improving urban spaces using microvolunteering actions. The guide is part of an absolutely free microvolunteering consultancy service, run by HelpFromHome. Maybe it could be used as a basis to kickstart a '7 days for Barry' scheme.

Barry Ideas Bank Jan 25, 2013

7 Days for Barry could be a great idea for involving people and doing things that are easy and convenient to fit into your normal schedule.
What specific or favourite deas would you suggest for microvolunteering activities?

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Luciana Jan 28, 2013

Good day,

This is Luciana Grosu, from Help From Home’s Free Microvolunteering Consultancy Service.
Barry could benefit from microvolunteering actions in the areas of Environment, Urban Life, Employment, Social Cohesion.
There are many microvolunteering actions suitable for the above mentioned thematic areas , eg: involving people in interactive one days actions such as a street art project, cleaning of a certain urban area , playing a treasure hunting game aimed at connecting residents or spending time with disabled/elder people. Alternatively, we can design microvolunteering actions specifically aimed at tackling social issues such as exclusion or un-employment .
If interested in microvolunteering , I am available for a talk , you can contact me at nonprofit@helpfromhome.org or on Skype at consultancy.helpfromhome

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Help From Home Feb 1, 2013

Here's just a few examples of some microvolunteering actions that people can participate in right now:

Access Advisr – enables people to map good and bad access issues to buildings, transport or leisure venues, so that others can benefit from this shared information

Free Cakes for Kids – Volunteer bakers bake free birthday cakes in their own homes for kids from economically and socially disadvantaged families. Project operates in the Cardiff and surrounding areas

Fix My Street – report community problems in Barry which are then taken to the local Council for them to deal with.

Ookabaoo – help other people enjoy Barry Town by uploading Barry related pictures for others to enjoy or use in their research

Open Green Map – chart natural, cultural and green living sites in Barry for others to enjoy

Fruit City – Map fruit bearing trees and bushes in Barry that are located in public spaces for others to take advantage of your 'find'

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