Ideas for the Barry Island promenade

What about bringing a food festival to rival Cowbridge and a Christmas Market along the new Eastern promenade?

Barry Ideas Bank Mar 23, 2015

Interesting ideas.

The recent regeneratuion of the Eastern Promenade should not only transform the physical space but also our thinkingb in how we use the place.

Presume, there will also be plans for the new changing huts on the Eastern Promenade.

Anyone know of any plans?

What do you think of the idea of a Food festival like Cowbridge - or should there be a Food Festival wirth a definite Barry flavour? What would that look like?

What about a Christmas by the sea market?

What would you like to see on the Eastern Promenade?


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Graham D Mar 24, 2015

Perhaps the food festival could celebrate the diversity of Barry Island residents, maybe have a Carribean, Greek and/or Italian flavour.

How about hosting the UK's best Ice Cream competition.

Allow individual competitors to use the beach huts.

There was a great TV programme on BBC Wales recently celebrating the Welsh Italians in the Valleys where Marco's got a mention as well.


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Louise Reed Sep 1, 2015

The summer events go down well, so all year events would be very welcomed. Christmas market sounds like a fab idea - and you can have stalls in the beach huts / shelters to make it safer for winter weather.

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