Barry Athletic Community Hub

Hi all, I am currently co-ordinating a funding application on behalf of all sections of the Barry Athletic Club. The club consist of lawn bowls, cricket, football, tennis and brass band sections. Our site is located between the old harbour car park and Barry Island beach and has been in existence for over a century.

Our idea is to create a multi-functional community facility that will be open for all. The vision is a large 2 storey building that will cater for the needs of everyone. Upstairs would be a large function room available for parties, conferences, concerts etc.  We have identified an architect who will work 'at risk' and will soon be starting a community consultation survey to gather ideas and identify gaps in local provisions that could utilise a new build facility.

We have met with local cabinet members to discuss our idea and they have supported what we are trying to achieve.

What do people think about a multi-functional community facility in the heart of Barry Island?

Any idea's, thoughts or help will be more than welcomed!! 




Laura Berry Mar 17, 2015

oh yes that sounds good!

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Barry Ideas Bank Mar 17, 2015

The Athletic Club is a great asset for Barry.

Is there a link to further details, any artists impressions etc.

One issue is that the Athletics Club is a 'private' club. Yet, I understand all profits are ploughed back into running the facility for your community good - you don't pay dividends to any investors. So, in reality you are a social enterprise. Would there be any merit in formalising this, which could help in applying for grants etc?

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Ady Gratton Mar 17, 2015

Yes the Athletic club has been private for many years but with dwindling members and poor facilities it has been recognised that we must move with the times and become part of the wider community.

You are correct in saying that any income raised is ploughed straight back into the club to maintain pitches etc. We have discussed the idea of formally agreeing to become a social enterprise but this needs finalising at next committee meeting.

We have no drawings yet and are a blank canvas which is why we are looking for idea's to include in the project. We are hoping that a survey and open day will help with this but we need all the idea's we can get at this stage. 

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Crystal Hinam Apr 16, 2015

Sounds great! I wonder if it could be a venue for festivals, themes such as food and drinks or smaller music festivals too.

I have been to a few vegetarian festivals in sports venues around Cardiff where they have had acoustic musicians on the bowling green with lots of people sat around on the grass - great events!

Looking forward to hearing more about this.

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Barry Ideas Bank Apr 21, 2015

There is an urgent need to get new blood and interest in the Club.

It's a great venue and asset for the community - would be great vto see it formally recognised as a social enterprise


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