Glamorgan Wartime Heritage Centre

Barry and the surrounding area is in danger of becoming just another suburb of Cardiff, and yet has a massive amount of heritage that should be promoted.

Ideally a large facility should be established in which to create a combined Arts & Heritage Centre, that could not only provide a facility for both of these aspects of our culture, but also attract both funding streams. The facility should be in a well visited area, such as the Barry Waterfront or Barry Island.

Drawing this to a smaller scale, the region is steeped in heritage of a military nature. Aircraft repair took place here from before WW2 until recently and there are both Roman and Stone Age military fortifications. Barry was a key Normandy D-Day port and was a key port during WW2.

We have established a small wartime heritage centre at Barry Island Railway Station in partnership with the Barry Tourist Railway.

This should be supported. A video of the Barry at War Group is at

Barry Ideas Bank Dec 1, 2012

Great idea - and something to engage with people of all generations.

How can people get further involved?

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Ade Pitman Dec 1, 2012

The best thing they can do is to visit on our open days ( the next is Dec 16th 11 - 3) and let us know how the facility can best serve the community by supplying us with ideas. People can also come along and record their wartime memories for history. This can be as far back or as recent as they wish - the Centre is for allof the wartime heritage of the region - not just a specific war. Of course, we need funding, and people can help by supporting our applications too, as we`ve big plans and a lot of work still to do. In the last month our volunteers have given over 250 man/hrs

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Tony Salter Dec 1, 2012

education is power.

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