Social Media - "Barry Boosters"!!

Let's get all those on social media who are promoting Barry, Barry Island, and various centres and associations in Barry, to a meeting to discuss how we can work together to create an even bigger, joined up, social media buzz for Barry.

I cam across an old book about Barry, and there were a group of people in the '40's who became known as the "Barry Boosters"!!

Let's create a "Barry Boosters" social media group. One face to face meeting, then onwards let's use the media.

Mark Hooper Jan 13, 2015

Barry Boosters - great find there - where did they meet, Paul?

Perhaps following in their footsteps (or more accurately their seats in the pub??) might be a nice way to recreate something of the spiriti of their time... (Providing of course the place still exists - I'm less of a fan of standing in the veg aisle of Tesco, Barry Road tbh)

Set a date & time - and boost.....

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Shop Local Barry Jan 14, 2015

Great idea! I would be keen to get involved with this! 

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Barry Ideas Bank Jan 14, 2015


 - could the idea of 'Barry Boosters' be incorporated into the #BarryBusinessHour idea - posted on this site - or do ou see it having a different role?

What does seem to be emerging in this thread and in the #BarryBusinessHour thread is a clear appetite for making something happen and coming together as a community to create a bigger impact.


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BytheC Jan 15, 2015

What about running a 'thunderclap' campaign? We push for a date to encourage a 'trip to barry island'  and get all social media types in Barry to join in. We need a good campaign name and aim. Aim, something like, visit Barry make a sandcastle. A good thunderclap name is eluding me at the moment. Coffee needed. More thoughts later. 

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Barrybados Jan 15, 2015

Interested in anything to do with social media. We increase in followers in a rate of 20-30 per week ATM. Anyway we can help Barry we're up for it.

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