Indoor car boot sale

I think it would be great to utilise the space within Barry's Multi Storey Car Park for a car boot sale. The main advantage being that it would be weather-independent. Apart from on the top deck, the sellers, their wares and the visitors would be protected from potential rain and most of the wind. I personally love going to the car boot sale in Sully, but unfortunately this is only being held during Spring and Summer. Also, getting there is an issue since we're now without a car. It would be great for the people of Barry to have their own car boot sale where they can bag a few bargains or make a few bob by going as a seller. The town center location would not only be convenient, but could also mean some extra revenue for the Cafes and Pubs in the facinity, since many people might go there for some refreshments before or after the sale. I would hold it on a Sunday, as this would not interfere with the Multi Storey's usual purpose, since it is closed on a Sunday anyway. Also, another big advantage would be to provide something "indoorsy" to do for tourists on a rainy day. Especially now that the hoped for cinema with bowling alley on Barry Island is not going to happen. Many people feel that it's important to provide weather-independent attractions for tourists. A few years ago, I suggested my idea to a Council Employee, and was told that it's not possible, since this kind of endeavour would not be covered under the Council's insurane for the building. It would be worth finding out what the additional cost for amending the insurance would be, and if this would be covered by the fee per car/table that the sellers have to pay plus maybe some Welsh Assembly grant or other source of income, such as sponsorship by local businesses/companies. I'd be interested to hear your comments on this! 

Barry Ideas Bank Jan 16, 2015

The idea would certainly add a new dynamic to the retail offering at Holton Road and could generate extra footfall and trade for the shops on Holton Road.

Is it possible to overcome the potential barrier of insurance?


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