Architectural Design Competition for Barry Island Pleasure Park

As the comprehensive redevelopment of the pleasure park is key to the rejeuvenation of Barry Island, sponsor a design competition for architectural students in Wales. Then the public could see some ideas that are not a "funded by luxury apartments" solution and the students would benefit from a "real-world" problem.

Barry Ideas Bank Jan 12, 2015

The Pleasure Park is certainly an iconic location which shapes and moulds people's mperception of what they think when you say 'Barry Island'.

Be interesting if there any groups promoting design in Wales who might be interested in, as you say, working on a 'real world' problem.

Should the opportunity just be limited to architectural students?


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Paul Haley Jan 13, 2015

I would leave the Pleasure Park to be designed by the new Fairground Operater Henry Danter. It's his investment.

I think you might be referring to the Dolphin redevelopment, which is seperate and will be split from the ownership of the Pleasure Park. Again, that is a private development of Hilco and so I would leave that to the developer who is unlikely to want designs, as they will have their own commercial targets and ideas.

Design Competitions might be more appropriate for community developments and publicly owned etc.

I researched design competitions yesterday. One I found had a prize of £10k to attract serious architects, other schemes offer a percentage of the build costs. So, I wonder where the prize or enticement would come from to get a seriously good landmark design.

The other option is to seek pro-bono design from retired architects and companies wishing to be scocially responsible.

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Paul Haley Jan 13, 2015

Forgot to mention the Design Council For Wales who will give advice and guidance. Carole-Anne Davies is their Chief Executive and knows Barry and Barry Regeneration well.

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Lee Waters Jan 13, 2015

Paul, design standards aren't just a matter for private developers - especially on such a stratgically imporatnt site. The artist impression of the Dolphin site is lamentable. Surely we must aspire for something better for this if the sea front is to achieve its potential?

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Andrew Bailey Jan 14, 2015

The primary function of the proposal was to raise awareness beyond the boundaries of Barry that the pleasure park is to be remodelled. The lack of a prize fund was kind of the reason I suggested aiming it at students, and also to keep entries real(ish). That the winning entry will never be built is no reason not to dream, and some design element identified by fresh eyes might be incorporated into the new scheme. How many architects within their career will be able to say "the Fantasy castle layout of Barry Island ... that was my idea."?

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