Pillars at entrance to Barry Island

m not sure what to call it, but the small space at the entrance to the Island has certainly seen better days. It seems to be used as a mish mash of a car park, the paint on the pillars is chipped and the concrete is cracking.

As the first thing people see as they come onto the Island is there any way this area can be spruced up or put to better use?

I notice there is a sign saying 'Land to Let' - could this be an opportunity for a communal landgrab and landscape?

Barry Ideas Bank Jan 2, 2015

Does anyone know the story or background to the site - who owns it, what hs it been used in the past, and what future uses could be made of it?

It certainly is a prominent site - as you note, almost the first thing people see.

The other issue your idea prompts is what about the new link road coming onto the Island which could actually become the main route onto the Island for visitors - are there any plans for Welcome to Barry signs or even a matching statue?

What do you think?

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Barry Ideas Bank Jan 2, 2015

Here's a link to the People's Collection Wales web site - with a photo from the 1930's showing a 'White's Corner' at the site and seemingly looking quite vibrant


Anyone have any details?

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Paul Haley Jan 3, 2015

It's owned by the owner of Stardust Arcade which is adjacent. The car park surface is actually a roof!

Go down the side lane and you will see it drops away quite steeply. This is because the steam engine used to be underneath it and powered a barrel organ which was on the roof, or surface.

There was an early regeneration plan to relocate Barry Athletic Club Cricket Ground onto West Pond (where Asda is being built) and the Ground would have been an extended car park, with all the rear of Paget Road buildings being upgraded to make reverse entrances from car park into arcades. White's Corner was then going to be demolished so that this would become a ramp out of the car park, and give a left hand turn only. So in effect, it would have been left turn under the tunnel into the car park, and then left turn up the Cosy Corner ramp. So, thereby easing a predicted traffic problem in virtually building a one way in and out. (The site of the Adizone was to become a giant pedestrian exit from the larger car park).

This didn't happen because the Athletic Club and others - Asda site was to become a multi-use sports complex - thought the overheads to run the new sports complex would be too expensive to be viable.

So White's Corner sits there as a potential site, but with larger problems than would first appear due to it being a roof, rather than a piece of land that could be immediately built on.

This takes us back to the days when Barry Regeneration was project managed by the Welsh Development Agency and there was a dedicated project manager and a Master Plan, which still forms the rudimentary backbone of today's Barry Regeneration, even though many will be unaware.

Another lesser known fact is that large areas of Barry Island is former sand dunes. From experience, you don't have to excavate far to find shallow foundations on compacted sand.

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