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As promised Andy Green I am posting an idea we touched on this morning that all businesses in Barry and surrounding areas contribute to a having a conversation once a week on Twitter using the above mentioned hashtag for one whole hour, let us know about your business,promote an event, help other businesses with a problem that may be holding them back, be abit more socail, lets build a #shoplocal trend and put Barry back on the business map. The day and time is to be discussed for mutual benefit and effect. For those businesses in Barry that are not using social media perhaps we can help them build a profile, which in turn will get them recognised and more busness through their doors. If anyone wants to follow me my twitter name is

@1playerschoice look forward to meeting you all.

Crystal Hinam Dec 9, 2014

Sounds like a brilliant idea both, I would be very interested in participating. Keep me informed of any developments, or let me know if you want to meet to discuss it.

Thanks Brian

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Brian Dec 9, 2014

Crystal yes we should meet to develop this a bit further using your skills and knowledge of social media.

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Crystal Hinam Dec 10, 2014

Yes sure, I'm happy to meet whenever suits you. Or we could discuss it at the next 'Barry Networking' get together?

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Andy Green Dec 15, 2014

Thanks for taking the prompt.

This is a great idea.

Are there any lessons from other initiatives in other areas we need to take on board or learn from?

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Helen Yorkshire Hour Jan 4, 2015

I set up #YorkshireHour in March 2012 and it was the first regional #Hour at the time in the UK. There was #ScotlandHour but that ran monthly and covered the whole of Scotland with the hosts setting questions and topics each month.
The best tips I can give are, when you set it up, choose a date and time and stick to it every week / month. This website shows you a fairly comprehensive list of all the other hours that there are in the UK 
I then tweeted along with another Twitter friend of mine @Aspinall_Ink every single one of our followers telling them about the hour being dedicated to Yorkshire and asked them to RT. I probably did this every day for a week before the first one. Set up an appropriate Twitter account of course. A mistake I made ......and someone took @yorkshirehour before me then tried to bribe me in to paying them money for it.
@yorkshire_hour is doing pretty well though with 23,300 followers.
I follow everyone back. I don't do this automatically as I filter out spam accounts and those Justin Bieber lovers. I also filter out anyone from a foreign country who is on some sort of crusade to gain more followers. They have no place in my hour!!
I interract with other followers. Some participate week on week, I thank them for that. I only RT people who use #YorkshireHour and I only do it on the alloted day. I get stroppy people asking me to RT all day every day and "why don't you RT me?" but on the whole, everyone loves taking part.
Start off tweeting with what's the best thing about Barry and try and get a general conversation going to get a wider audience but then stick to Business. Some twitter hours pose questions every week. I don't have time for that but you may do if you have different "hosts"
@Aspinall_ink runs a blog dedicated to #YorkshireHour on her website and has organised events in conjunction with the hour. I manage the Twitter account.
Good luck!

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Barry Ideas Bank Jan 4, 2015

Helen - some great advice here and hopefuly will inspire a successful #BarryBusinessHour

Will also in appreciate everyon to promote what you do - tweet @yorkshire_hour

Hoipe we can witness the development of #BarryBusinessHour


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Brian Jan 5, 2015

Helen, thank you for your contribution, I too have been on a few twitter hours when I can, agree with your comments wholeheartedly.

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Barrybados Jan 5, 2015

Already attempted this back in April, just search for #Barrybadoshour on twitter. Didnt have the time to carry it on. Had a decent response, think it's worth doing again.

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Crystal Hinam Jan 5, 2015

I just checked out #Barrybadoshour, looks great! You definitely had quite a bit of interest, worth developing I think.

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Brian Jan 6, 2015

If you'd like to join us in a collaboration or run it again we'd be happy to have a chat with you,

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Barrybados Jan 6, 2015

maybe it might be best to set up a generic twitter account, one that can user details can be shared between a select few. So, at least one person can run it each week, and it's not dependant on the same person running it. So, who ever is free that week can take control. Reason we stopped running it was due to time, we had to be available for the same hour, same day, each week. Something we couldnt commit to. Iif there is a few people who have access to the twitter account, then at least one person would be free each period. Just an idea anyway.

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Shop Local Barry Jan 14, 2015

Just seen this post, and this is something I am looking to introduce as part of the Shop Local Barry scheme. Would love to get this started and if others are looking into it too would love to have a chat about this and how we could work together on this?  

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Brian Jan 15, 2015

Why dont you join us first Monday in Feb at Greys, the Knap, we'll be having an informal get together and can discuss it.

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Shop Local Barry Jan 15, 2015

Yes, great! Would love to come along. What time is everyone getting together? 

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Brian Jan 15, 2015

9.00 a.m till about 11

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Barry Ideas Bank Jan 14, 2015

Be great if we can get a collaboration of interested people and parties - would achieve more impact and increase its chances of being sustainable.

Anyone else out there interested in getting involved with making a #BarryBusinessHour happen?

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