Barry - a transition town?

There's a relentlessness to what we do today, that I'm not convinced is doing us much good - continued over reliance on oil, and other scarce resources; changes in our climate seemingly less and less reversible; skewed local economies, where most profits made locally jump on a truck, travel over the Severn Bridge, and more often than not, fly overseas; and a ever increasing gap between those who have, and those who have not.

The transition network suggests a different approach, whereby local people start developing projects and initiatives that create a more sustainable future for our town, and in our own small way contribute to a better and fairer world. 

I've met people from other networks, and they are a pretty inspiring bunch. Have a look at the website, and the infographics I've attached, and see for yourselves.

I'm up for setting something up In Barry. Anyone else?




Crystal Hinam Nov 27, 2014

Sounds great Mark, I think we could all benefit from using local resources. If we all made little changes and thought about where we purchase things we could make a difference. If I can help, I will. I'm going to purchase fruit and veg packs from the 'Food Co-op' in Barry following the regeneration meeting (a little help).

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Barry Ideas Bank Dec 16, 2014

Would it be an opportunity to develop on the back of any new co-working facilities that could be opening in Barry during 2015?

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Mark Hooper Dec 16, 2014

great idea - hoping to announce a space in early 2015 :-)

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