A ValeJAZZ weekend...

We are a small collection of Barry people organising a weekend of jazz-and-the-like music events for the Vale this coming June. Do you have any ideas? Any favourite music venues? Do you know any jazz musicians? Can you help us? Do you want to join in the organising? Can you offer your services as a steward on the day? Do you work in a school? Do you want to be part of our 'Battle of the Bands' talent showcase? 

Barry Ideas Bank Nov 15, 2014

Sounds a great idea. Even if you do not like jazz this fstival would add to the the liveliness and cultural vibe of our town.

Also 'Jazz' covers a broad spectrum - so, there should be something for most people

Are there any other festivals we can learn from?

What venues can we use?

Could there be a combination of free and paid-for events?

Would be great if we can all make this happen.

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Andy Green Dec 5, 2014

Crucial task is to include within iconic elements - what makes it different from any other jazz festival - and also visible to the outside world? You could be having some great gigs but unless you were there you wouldn't know about it.

Suggest you could link up with the Historic Bus people and see if they have an open top bus - would be great to have the open top bus touring between Barry Island and the Knap with a live jazz band.

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Shaun Thorogood Dec 30, 2014

Why has nobody thought of Barry Jazz before?

What a great venue to rival Montreaux and Newport (USA that is ) - no I'm serious.

Funk on Friday to get things started , saturday with some trad on the beach, early evening St Louis jazz procession, definaely some Bristol jazz groups who are really hot at the present,

Electronic jazz

Sunday with some big band swing  sounds that echo round the bay


I can get some volunteers




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Barry Ideas Bank Dec 30, 2014

Shaun - sounds like an interesting programme. Also, interesting ideas about making use of the location and also linking up with the very vibrant jazz scene in Bristol.

Any thoughts on Shaun's ideas?

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barry gladstone Jan 14, 2015

please dont spread the venues all over town.concentrate them in one area so as to create a buzz.i would base it on the island and broad street .dolphin,coffee cove,finnegans inn, marcos,the gallery.habbanas,borough arms. all local bussinesses with local owners and staff.

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