Development ideas for the disused Public Conveniences on Barry Island

What is going to happen to the public convenience building that wasn't included in the plans for the Eastern Shelter redevelopment? Apparently, the building is still up for sale.

How would you like see the building utilised?

Andy Green Nov 14, 2014

The toilet block is a great opportunity to create an iconic facility for Barry Island. The curious frontage of the toilet block will, am sure, invite some great creative treatment and branding.

Crucially, its location, with wonderful views over Whitmore Bay calls out for some form of conservatory/atrium glass fronted structure to be built on the back of the frontage to create a high quality restaurant/conference/meeting venue.

There were rumours circulating about a year ago of someone looking to turn the site into an amusement arcade - which would have been a travesty and waste of opportunity and potential.

This a great opportunity - hope we can get some great ideas for its use.



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Elwyn Toozer Nov 15, 2014

Ironically the building should revert to its original state as a toilet block especially being next to the car park.However if the building is up for sale it could be used as an aquarium similar to Plymouth Hoe et al with a further viewing area of the bay above.

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Paul Haley Nov 15, 2014

It has always been a sense of irony that the coach drop off point is near that toilet block. The reason was to stop coaches going down Paget Road (near Marco's) where they are unable to turn around. Tourist visitors are then dropped off a long way from the newer toilets by Marco's. So, this is a question of strategic planning and how you want to marshall visitors. We now have a temporary car park (labelled a "meanwhile" car park to avoid clear questionable usage of public funds for something temporary), and a coach drop off point and the new Eastern end development near the old toilet block. There are new toilets within that new Eastern Beach Hut development that cost a fortune to link up to the uphill sewage system, so unlikely that there will be a reprieve of use. In terms of what it could become, it is a big lump of a building with a big storage area underneath, as well as rooftop space. Whoever took this on would have big capital outlay costs and in my view big project risks. Until there are undercover attractions at Nell's Point, there is no draw at the Eastern end to increase footfall sufficiently to make that building viable. My point: undercover attractions are the key ingredient to Barry Island, hence why I worked to make this happen.

Any idea of an amusement arcade is folly... go and look at Just Pennies that isn't sustainable at the more active end of the Island.

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barry gladstone Jan 22, 2015

i would like to see this building developed into a small hotel/b and b,with a glass bar/restaurant on the roof.the basement used as kitchens, staff areas and customer toilets.why not give it away to someone like premier inn,the council should find out what grants could be available and advise potental investors on how to obtain these grants.ask he oweners of the tadross hotel at the basset what they or any other local hoteliers think,maybe they could be investors!!!

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