Art trail throughout Barry

Link up all the out door artworks in Barry with a trail in the form of a leaflet that could be given to visitors to our town at train stations during Barry Arts Festival Week.

Further sculpture artwork images can be found


Barry Ideas Bank Oct 28, 2014

Great idea.

What artworks do you feel could be included in the trail?

Be interested to hear about anyone's favourite public art which should be included in any trail.

When is the next Barry Arts Festival Week?

Also, what should sucj a trail be called? 

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Elwyn Toozer Oct 30, 2014

Not really that "arty" but would continue the trail through Birchgrove Wood and stop at the railway bridge hoping to catch sight of a train or two!!

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Paul Haley Oct 31, 2014

Great idea about linking up an artwork trail Glyn. How about putting details up on here of where the known artwork is. There's stuff on the trails through Porthkerry Woods, there's your great installations at The Knap, there's the recently refurbished gateway to Barry Island, there's mosaics on the red light breakwater and on the back of the old Tourist Information Centre etc. So, already there is a walking trail flow. By coincidence, many of these are on the Wales Coastal Path route which passes through Barry, so perhaps another avenue If these and others were plotted on a map, it might even suggest where there are "gaps" and thus potential for further works. A leaflet would be useful, and Claire Evans in Vale Tourism might be a good contact. Also, raising awareness with school and College art teachers & students. Perhaps registering each artwork on Facebook as a place of interest as well.

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Barry Ideas Bank Nov 2, 2014

Paul's point does raise trhe question - 'what public art is there in Barry?' Is there a register or list?

A Google search 'Public Art in Barry' brings up:

and an interesting piece of work y artist Tom Pearman at Thompson Street:

This does highlight the need to identify what art do we already have and also the need for more public art in Barry.

Any other suggestions of examples of public art in Barry?


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Glyn Pooley Nov 4, 2014

Hi Paul.

There are a number of artworks in our town, mostly hidden away, adding to the excitment of finding them! I have created 3 at the Knap Gardens, 1 at Victoria Park, Cadoxton, 2 at Romilly Park ( although 1 needs a few hundred pounds to complete) and 1 at Porthkerry Park. As far as I know there are 2 further sculptures at Porthkerry Park, 1 at Central Park and at least 1 on Barry Island.

The trail could also include a stop off at the Memo and Artscentral.

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Gareth Loudon Nov 4, 2014

One way of getting people to enjoy an art trail through Barry is to supplement it with a mobile app that acts as a expert guide to give more information and insights. There are new mobile apps that can trigger audio, video or other media based on location using GPS signals. I am currently building one such app giving the personal stories of eight men who lived in Grangetown and served in the first World War. You can see other examples at:

You can also build your own:


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Glyn Pooley Nov 4, 2014

What a great idea Gareth. I am happy to supply the background information for the sculptures I created.


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Glyn Pooley Nov 14, 2014

Hi Gareth,

Could you give me some idea to the cost of an app that could include upto 10 sculptures in the town please and what information would you require to put on it.

Kind regards,



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Gareth Loudon Nov 16, 2014

Hi Glyn,

What we could put on the app could be an audio narrative related to the different sculptures, and perhaps even photos giving some background to the sculptures, e.g. about the sculptors themselves or the process of creating the sculptures (if that exists?). Costs wise, it would take me a couple of days of development and testing to create such an app, so I would charge £500 for that. (I would obvously need someone to also supply the narrative and images required). This would then be publicly available for people to use if they are guided how to find the app themselves. However if you want to formally publish the app on iTunes (for iPhone downloads) and Google Play (for andriod phone downloads) Calvium (the mobile app platform company I mentioned in my previous post) would charge £750 plus VAT to do this.

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Glyn Pooley Dec 1, 2014

Apologies for the delayed response Gareth, thank you for the information. I am in the process of applying for some funding for this project. I will keep you updated.

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Barry Ideas Bank Nov 4, 2014

That sounds a positive way forward - to provide a ready-made way of delivering the content of a new Arts trail through Barry.

What do othjer people think?

Are there other ways any Barry Arts Trail could be communicated?


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karl-James Langford Nov 5, 2014

Art in the form of a ghost story evening... Im up for that

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Barry Ideas Bank Nov 5, 2014

So we have the prospect of a raft of tours across Barry - an arts trail, even a ghost tour, any others - historical, arcaheological, famous musicians/music ?

Any suggestions for tours and what specific landmarks, details should they cover?


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