'Barack Island'

There's got to be huge PR mileage in renaming Barry Island 'Barack Island' for the days of the NATO Summit and inviting the President down to spend a day in the sun and the sand in breaks between talks.

Can see the headlines now...

Barry Ideas Bank Aug 16, 2014

Great idea - A chance for Barry to get on the international and national news agenda - and also further extend the Barry brand as a place that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Hope the Vale Council and Barry Town Council can get behind the idea, as well as Pride in Barry and Barrybados.

He will feel at home: he is known to his friends as 'Barry' and as a world leader, will be comfortable in a resort town that is also the birthplace of another world leader, Juia Gillard, the former Australian Prime Minister.

Let's see what we can generate here

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