Attractions, Marina, College will finish the job

Barry Regeneration started in 1992, some 22 years ago. It's aim was to regenerate and return to use the vast former coal Docks that were derelict and fenced off cutting the town away from its heritage.

Key projects were to return the sterile water to use through a Marina, rejuvenating Barry Island with new undercover open all year around attractions, and creating a College Campus to increase learning and skills development... After considerable infrastructure investment had been made.

These 3 key projects have not been delivered despite being very visibly cited in all Barry Regeneration Strategy documents over those 22 years. They have continually been referenced by Pride In Barry in their Strategy Documents and at Welsh Assembly Committee meetings attended to gain further regeneration monies.

It's as though those in power have either forgotten or are unaware of these aims.

So, I believe that these 3 projects will deliver further private sector investment,  jobs, economic growth, increase in tourism visitors and spend, opprtunities for our youth, reconnect us with Barry's heritage, link Town and coast back to the sea,  and enhance the image of Barry.  

So I propose that anyone agreeing should like this idea and join in ensuring these things happen. We can make a difference.

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