Family Fun Day in the summer

To plan the 'Barry Festival' as a one of to start with but to make it an annual event if it is successful,

1. Family fun day at Barry Island, open up Fun Park, games and displays on the beach, try and convince some cast members from Gavin & Stacey and Being Human to be there for autographs and photo opportunities. Do an organised Gavin & Stacey/Being Human tour that you could charge a small amount for. Capitalise on the things that will bring in people from the area and Cardiff/Swansea.

2. Organise a Swansea v Cardiff legends game at Jenner Park on the Sat or Sun afternoon followed by a dance/auction.

3. Maybe approach Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins, The Stereophonics, The Manics,perhaps one or more would consider a gig to help resurrect the biggest town in Wales.

4. Do 'BarryFest' a music festival on the beach that you could make an annual event. Invite all unsigned Welsh bands to play. Loads will consider playing for free if it promotes their music. You could produce a 'BarryFest' CD each year of the bands playing to raise more money.  

And that's just to start with....I could go on and on!!!

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Wonder if any of the Barry Arts Festival could use some of these ideas?

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