Our idea is celebrating Barry and turning it into Barrybados. You might have seen our mugs and window stickers floating about. You can inter act with us and share you photos of Barrybados on our social media accounts. We currently sell mugs window stickers key rings and magnets. You can pick these up from us or from Vic Hopkins, FFT Deli, Marco's Cafe and the Barry & District news. Come and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - @Barrybados :-)
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Barry Ideas Bank Oct 7, 2013

This is a powerful example of the latent potential of the 'Barry' brand.

It demonstrates that if you put the right engagement in - in this case the name 'Barrybados' - you will get people doing things, giving you money, and spreading the word.

Legend has it that the connection between 'Barry' and 'Barbados' came from John Haskell's heroic effort to row the Atlantic to Barbados - and it gelled the idea of creating the word 'Barrybados'.

Well done to Barrybados for taking the initiative and helping to promote pride, interest and engagement with Barry.

What else could be done to promote and support 'Barrybados'?

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SharonBarrynews Oct 7, 2013

Legend is wrong. John would be one of the first to confirm this. Barrybados pre-dates. Barrywood in honour of Barry's filming location prowess has been used by Marco Zeraschi.

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