How about a Marina and Undercover Attractions for Barry

It's about time we delivered undercover attractions on Barry Island, and a Marina in Barry Waterfront, both of which would stimulate investment, jobs, economic activity. Both of these were the original aims of regenerating Barry 20 years ago.

Far too much dithering, and meanderings, and not enough focus on 2 or 3 major projects for Barry. I despair.

My idea is to re-energise Barry Regeneration, more inclusive group, more private sector players, more community groups, all political leaders. Then, hold a conference - not a talking shop - and identify STRATEGIC aims and Top 5 Projects that will deliver those aims. Then everyone must state what they are going to do to help deliver those STRATEGIC aims. This needs to be more big picture, big project focussed.

We have successfully managed to lose momentum on LDP Collins Undercover Attractions for Barry Island, without a valid supported evidenced reason - non-existent "risk assessments" contrary to stated Policies. Happy to debate that statement with anyone.

We have not even got through stage 1 of the largest Bid process for Regeneration in Wales. Therefore, doing what we have always done is not an option. Blaming Bid Processes is just deflection. Let's face up to the truth, the Bid came in the bottom 11 of 22 Local Authority Bids. Hard lessons must not only be learnt, but also applied. This is a sharp wake-up call. Time to change and move ahead.
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Barry Ideas Bank Sep 22, 2013

There's clearly a great sense of frustration within Barry over the unsuccessful bid for Regeneration funding by the Vale Council.
The Council has put the Nells Point site on the open market - seemingly waiting for an option to emerge.
The idea of a conference - not a talking shop - as you say Paul, to rekindle the energy, passion and commitment within the Barry community for creating a better future will be a positive step, that is do-able and constructive - and could lead to a new vision and strategy to take us all forward.
There's an immense amount of inspiration from what other people, like Wayne Hemmingway has done in Margate.
Does it need a body - other than the Vale Council to host it?
What other options are there?
Any other ways the people of Barry can rekindle the regeneration of our town?
There's a lot of inspiration to be had from unlikely sources: the efforts of the supporters club of Barry Town United to stop their club being excluded from the Welsh League, is an inspiration and testimony to a 'never-say-die' attitude and determination.
What can be done to create a better future for Barry?

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Kingjim Jan 7, 2014

Actually thought a masterplan document on landuse for the island would be produced and put out to the public for consultation before actually marketing nells point- that I am suprised about.

For the record im off to the tiny isles of scilly on holiday in september ( off coast of cornwall) and they seem to know a lot about branding tourism and promotion. Maybe V.O.G can learn a bit from them.

anyway im led to believe that marketing for nells point ends in january at some point. is there a consensus on what people would like down there.


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Barry Ideas Bank Jan 12, 2014

Does anyone out there know of the Vale of Glamorgan's plans and intentions regarding the Nells Point site?

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