Do we need more public art in Barry?

While visiting the West Quay Medical Centre it seemed there was a great opportunity missed for some quality and locally relevant public art.
The Centre's atrium reception area is very large and well lit with large wall spaces.
Yet, the opportunity for using the large spaces as a canvas for some art or even sculpture was missed. Instead, there is very large lettering telling you, in case you didn't know, that you were sitting in 'West Quay Medical Centre'.
The large signwriting must have cost something and could have been used to pay a local artist to produce some inspiring, colourful, thought-provoking art piece or mural.
It then inspired the question if Barry was actually a desert for public art , particularly within buildings?
Are there any good examples of public art in Barry?
What can be done to encourage more public art and that if anyone is doing a development it should be public arts aware. (What public art is planned for the new Waterfront development?)
Does anyone have the job within the area oif promoting the cause of public art?
What more can be done?
What do you think?
edited on Sep 12, 2013 by Barry Ideas Bank
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