Create a new ferry service Minehead to Barry?

With the Vale of Glamorgan Council entertaining their counterparts from Minehead at the Barry Yacht Club there is speculation of what greater links could be established between the two areas.

What about a ferry service?
What would work best?
And what frequency of service?
All year round or seasonal?
A car ferry would have the attraction of cutting down journey times to the southwest?

The big challenge is creating the docking infrastructure and establishing a service that is commercially viable and sustainable.

Therefore, one consideration, of a ferry service that presumably would require the least docking infrastructure and also be iconic, distinctive and highly talked-about would be a hovercraft service.

The Barry to Minehead Hovercraft would be a big tourist attraction, suitable for day trippers as well as those planning longer visits, and presumably would need minimal docking facillities.

What do you think?
Is a ferry service a good idea?
What about less bovver with a hover?
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The idea received further coverage in the Barry & District

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