More live music at the Memo

The recent 'From the Jam' gig at the Barry Memorial Hall was a great evening for all that attended - and more importantly had an audience of 800 people - evidence of an untapped demand for live music in Barry.

Yes, we have the legendary GlastonBarrry and Cadstock Festivals.Yet should the Memo also put on regular live music?

Back in the '70's the Memo was one of Wales' leading live music venues with most of the major bands of the time playing there.

There seems to be scope to develop a series of strands of different types of live music to cater for different interests.

The 'From the Jam' gig did mainly appeal to how do we say, an older audience of over 40's - so there could be the opportunity to develop a regular series of gigs with bands like Bad Manners, the Blockheads, the Damned still touring and pulling in the crowds.

Maybe there could be another strand of a Boyband tribute theme and I am sure many more genres and tastes to cater for.

So, is it possible to restore the Memo as a regular live music venue?

What needs to be done?

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