Famous Barry Authors

I have just had my second novel published - Demons Walk Among Us - which is available via my website www.jonathanhicks.co.uk and Amazon. I am interested in finding out about other authors from Barry - both living and dead. Are there any other authors from Barry? Anyone famous we should be doing more to celebrate?
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Barry Ideas Bank Jul 22, 2013

Is there a list anywhere of Barry authors?
Would be great to start compiling one.
Any other Barry authors can people think of?

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M R Briscombe Jul 23, 2013

My book Silent Mountain has just been published in paperback. It's a children's book (8-12yrs) and is available on Amazon and from the publishers. Will also be in shops soon. I will be involved in a launch/signing at Barry Library shortly and will be visiting schools in the Vale from September. Can't say I'm famous but never say never!
Michelle, Barry

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Andy Green Jul 29, 2013

My old - and favourite history lecturer at Swansea University in the 1970's was a Barry boy.
Peter Stead combined great passion for his subject with wonderful delivery.

Here's some biog details and literature list about him:

Peter Stead was born in Barry in 1943 and educated at Romilly School and
the Boys' Grammar School.

He contributed two chapters on Barry Since 1918
to the Barry Centenary Book.

He has written books on Dennis Potter, Richard
Burton, Welsh Actors, Film and the Working Class and jointly edited volumes
of essays on Welsh sport and popular culture. In Wales and its Boxers he
contributed an essay on the Barry boxer Jack Petersen. In the Cambridge
Companion to Football (2013) he has an essay on The Literature Of Football.

Do check him out. A Barryian we can all be proud of.

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Andrew Peters Feb 3, 2014

Here's my Amazon.co.uk bio http://www.amazon.co.uk/Andrew-Peters/e/B008P...hr_dp_pel_pop_1

"Born in the swamps of Glamorgan, I have wandered the world, generally with a guitar in hand.

Here I am in a beautiful village in central Spain, where the sun shines, the lake is warm, the drink is cheap and the people and animals are friendly.

I share my place with two gorgeous local cats, more guitars than I can count, my outstanding collection of suits, hats & shoes and a fridge full of wine."

In fact I was born in Barry in 57, and left after finishing at Romilly school in 68

I have now written 10 books & 3 Kindle novellas...most in the crime/humour field and with a Welsh connection

Perhaps the most relevant is THE BARRY ISLAND MURDERS, based on my 60s memories and featuring bodies found in famous local landmarks

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Barry Ideas Bank Feb 3, 2014

Andrew you are indeed 'world famous aropund here' now that you've ben in the Barry & District.

Seriously, anyone who has done what you have done, in writing a bopok is truly worthy of celebration.


Any other authors out there who we should be celebrating?

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