Car parking in High Street - could co-operation be an answer

High Street Barry is home to some great independent retailers.
They demonstrate how being small doesn't mean you have to be inferior or second rate.
Indeed, there are many examples of independent retailers who are literally shop windows for going the extra yard in service, or developing great new products.
One resource beyond them however, is car parking. Would-be shoppers can sometimes have to drive away frustrated that they couldn't find a car parking spot.
Talking to a number of traders and one culprit is repeatedly cited as not helping the situation: the estate agents on the street whose staff can often take up 3 or 4 car spaces each.
Maybe, one useful act could be greater co-operation between High Street retailers and ensure that any precious car parking spaces are left for valuable visiting customers - and not your own staff.
Could greater co-operation be at least a partial solution to High Street's limited car parking capacity?
edited on Jul 5, 2013 by Barry Ideas Bank
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