House of Illusions for Barry?

The new art installation which creates the illusion of defiance of gravity is a great idea to include in any Nells Point development on Barry Island.

Dalston House by Argentinian artist Leonardo Erlich appears to show visitors to the site in Ashwin Street, Hackney, that they are hanging from window ledges or leaning against sheer building walls at a 19th-century town house.

However, the whole thing is nothing but an optical illusion created by having a mirrored positioned overhead at a 45-degree angle.
A simple, low maintenance yet high fun idea for Barry?

We could have a variety of different sets or changing themes and seasonal attractions.
Or even an Australian link - as a tribute or commemoration to Barry's own (now former) world leader Julia Gillard - with people creating the image of being in an upside down position.

What do you think?
edited on Jun 26, 2013 by Barry Ideas Bank
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