Stop the incinerator ash coming to Barry

I think the building a waste wood incinerator and having the ash from the Cardiff incinerator being dumped for processing Barry waterfront is a bad idea.

What do you think ?

Barry Ideas Bank Sep 3, 2015


Can you elaborate why you think it is a bad idea?

Also, is there anything people can do if they share your views on the proposed waste wood incinerator?

Are there any positive reasons in support of the scheme?

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Tim Bird Sep 4, 2015

Thanks for your reply.

Both the the waste wood incinerator and the Cardiff incinerator bottom ash processing plant have received planning permission recently for Barry waterfront.So as they say in Dragon Den,I am out.

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Barry Ideas Bank Sep 24, 2015

If the horse has already bolted - are there any lessons to be learnt for the Barry community from this episode? 

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