Barry Island Parking...

£1 for the first hour or £5 for an hour plus...

Well, you can't do much in an hour by the time you've walked down from the upper car park and had a cup of coffee and a bun, all a bit of a rush. £5 then seems a bit steep if you stay for, say, one and a half or even two hours.

I'm a great believer in free parking to attract visitors, but as this is unlikely to happen, I would be happy to pay £2 for up to two hours, and a fiver for any longer.

The best system is the ticketless registration number recognition machine in Cardiff Bay, pay on exit pro rata rate to the length of the stay - marvellous.

That's enough whingeing for one day... 


Barry Ideas Bank Sep 1, 2015

Be interesting to get people's reactions.

While no one likes parking charges there needs to be consideration of what will people pay, and does a short parking time offer dissuade visitors to stay longer, spend more in local shops?

What is the best solution?

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Martin Williams Sep 1, 2015

Well put. My point is that you can't really do anything or see much in an hour, whilst you might also not want to stay all day?  It seems there is no room for compromise here, and where is the incentive to spend time exploring and discovering?

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