Barry Island Bike Night

Anyone that has been to Poole Harbour, in Dorset will be familiar with the weekly 'Bike Night' ( Tuesday evenings).

The entire Poole Harbour area is closed to cars, and only motorcycles are allowed. 

The idea is simple.  Bikes from all over converge on the weekly event, to meet other bikers, drool at the bikes and generally have a great evening.

The cafes, bars and takeaways are teeming, as are the car parks.  The weekly event generates massive income for all involved, and provides a weekly free attraction for visitors.

This could so easily be initiated at Barry Island.

Adrian Pitman Aug 12, 2015

Just noticed; I mentioned this idea some time back.  Shame we still don`t have such an event


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Barry Ideas Bank Aug 30, 2015

Ade, an interesting idea which could be part of a wider strategy of identifying a series of niche audiences to attract visitors, business and wider engagement for Barry Island.

Be interested to find out how the Poole Harbour event is organised?

Is there a formal or informal group representing the biker community?

Is it a weekly frequency or could it work once a month?

Wonder how the Poole group overcome misconceptions and stereotypes around the biker community?

Hope we can generate some interest in this.

What do you think? Is it a good idea?

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Louise Reed Sep 1, 2015

Good idea, but don't forget the residents and other people who want to access the Island. Maybe promote a night for bikes, but don't ban cars or just restrict them from the main Esplanade road?

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