Parking privileges for local residents using local amenities.

Why charge locals again to park their cars at local leisure and amenities areas like Porthkerry, Barry Island Car Park. Hasn't the donatio been paid in Vale Council Tax.

Charging on car parks deters usage of such local beauty spots.

Wh not have a section at the base of a Council tax  receipt/demand which may be torn off and placed in your nominated car windscreen (so no need to buy a pay and display or pay for a ticket if the slip is visible and compleated). In order to validate it you will need to fill in your car make and registration. This 'resident, community' badge will allow free / highly discounted entry to local amenities during peak seasons.....Spin off,  would encourage people to use rather than avoid facilities due to their present feeling of being penalised, double charged for something they are already paying for in their Council Tax.

Vale of Glam this encourages local loyalty at little cost. And may even improve footfall, visitor numbers and expendature around these facilities.

Note. Could also provide several boxes where date must be completed too.

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If you would like me to outline or clarify the idea further.




Barry Ideas Bank Jul 5, 2015

Interesting idea. Other Councils such as York City Council offer local residents a discount or other incentives.

By encouraging local people it may even generate extra income.

What does everyone else think of this idea?

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