Could Barry learn from Margate and use Wayne Hemingway?

News of the Kent seaside resort teaming up with ace designer Wayne Hemingway leads to the idea - could Barry benefit from simialr sort of help
Margate story below:
Do we need a rethink on the fairground site - where progress seems to be frustratingly absent?
Instead of the existing plan - which has secured outline planning approval - but still seems far away from progresing and becoming a reality - should we go back to the drawing board and instead look at developing the site as a fairground - but a high quality one - with may be heritage dimension?
What do you think?
Could we do with a bit of Wayne Hemingway's magic here in Barry?
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nickdi Jul 6, 2013

Yes, great Idea.
A seaside town in need of modern 21st century design.

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Barry Ideas Bank Jul 8, 2013

That's a great inspiring phrase

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