Barry Island "Pop Up University"

We've been working on the idea of organising an afternoon of inspiring pecha kucha style talks on Barry Island and styling it as a Pop Up University to run along with the Wales Festival of Innovation, what do people think of this idea?

Mark Hooper Jun 14, 2015

good idea - festival of innovation is effectively now though. Why not do it outside of the official month?

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Barry Ideas Bank Jun 21, 2015

The festival is a month long celebration - so the idea is for this event to be one of the concluding events.

The link with the Festival is to put Barry on the map as demonstrating innovation in action, and hopefully extend the Festival's concept of its own work and reach out more to the wider community.

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Crystal Hinam Jul 8, 2015

Such a shame I missed this event, hope you can do another one soon!

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