A giant rubber duck for Barry?

Should Barry Old Harbour or Whitmore Bay on Barry Island be home to a giant rubber duck?

The giant yellow sculpture, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, has been transported around the globe since 2007, visiting cities including Londn, Sydney, Sao Paulo, and Amsterdam.

The artist hopes the work will bring people together and encourage a connection with public art.

The arrival of the giant rubber duck would attract media interest, become a social media talking point, and highlight Barry’s brand as the playground of Wales and its position for tourists from England as the nearest beach resort to Birmingham and the West Midlands and also the first Welsh sandy beach seaside resort for the West Country.

Can you imagine a giant rubber duck in the Old Harbour or Whitmore Bay?

If you like the idea, what should we do to make it happen?
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SarahJ Jun 11, 2013

I'm guessing it would need support from the council as there would be issues about having something like that on the waterway?

In an ideal world I would say try emailing the artist and ask him how to go about getting the duck to Wales? (I just googled him his email address is MAIL@FLORENTIJNHOFMAN.NL) :)

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Barry Ideas Bank Jun 12, 2013

This is the joy of the Barry ideasbank in action - an idea from 1 person then soemone adds their insight or ideas to help it grow.

What does anyone lese think?

Should the giant rubber duck come to Barry?

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Barry Ideas Bank Dec 31, 2013

Hope news of the giant rubbeer duck 'exploding' in Taiwain doesn't scupper hopes to bring it to Barry one day.


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Crystal Hinam Dec 10, 2014

Well that's not good that it exploded in Taiwan!! Let's hope we can get a 100% safe big yellow duck for Barry. I think it would be fantastic, it's a perfect location! I'm sure it would attract tourists and locals from far and wide. Children would love it and I'm sure social media would go crazy with hundreds of pictures being circulated and shared.

If anyone finds out how we can help get it here, please let us know.

Although after the branding of 'Barry Ideas Bank', maybe a giant Lego duck would be more suitable ;-) !

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Andy Green Dec 11, 2014

If Barry positions itself as 'the playground of South Wales' then the giant rubber duck would certainly impart the right message and could generate much valuable publicity.

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