Monday 15th April a top day for the Barry Kutcha

Hello All

As the Ice Breaker for the Barry Kutcha event on Monday 15th April, I just wanted to come on here and say what a wonderful evening I had with my fellow towns people of Barry. It was a packed house at the Memorial Hall, Barry for what turned out to be an event filled evening, with laughing, joking and a spot of crying all adding to a drama filled night. What didn't amaze me as I know the people of Barry have great spirit, was the level of support for each of the 7 speakers on the evening, with more of this support we can all come together to help fill Barry's potential as a top European destination for tourism.

Cheers everyone
Simon Martin
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Barry Ideas Bank May 7, 2013

you were a star that night - telling your story. And you're right that the people of Barry have a great spirit.
Let's hope we can use this spirit to make Barry yet better.

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