Make barry Island a tourist attraction again

I love to see the old pictures of Barry Island its amazing to think of the people who will have family memories for years of Barry and it seems since the butlins site was taken there is nothing to bring people to stay on the island. i must admit it was a bit over the top the butlins building but it was a great way to keep people coming to Barry.
so close to the beach it would be lovely to have some place people could stay i was thinking it could be a holiday destination once again, its can go stay on the rock (as people say) appealing to think you a hotel, build eco huts, static caravans put on site (not too intrusive) could provide a little building for facilities such as toilets showers etc. or something like that! As Barry has so much to offer as a town its own character, many beautiful walks not just the island, porthkerry loads i think if we could make it possible for people to use Barry island as a quick break location it would not just help the island but the town as a whole.
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Ade Pitman Apr 14, 2013

Making Barry Island an all-weather tourist destination is exactly what we have in mind, and we`ve often said that a world class heritage attraction would provide this.

Our little wartime heritage centre at the Barry Island Railway Station is a proof of this concept, attracting many visitors when we open despite the weather.

Today we can`t rely on the sunshine to bring visitors to Barry Island - so we need some other attractions, not just a fountain and another cafe.

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SevernLad Apr 16, 2013

To attract more visitors we need to make it easy:
Efficient access
Quality secure car parking
Clean well maintained environment
Alternative weather proof activities for a wide market
Make it easy for the market to provide opportunities

Agree the principles devise the strategy -

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