Can we make the Big Lunch happen in Barry?

The Big Lunch is a great idea - but so far does not seem to be happening in Barry. Can we make it happen on the official Big Lunch day - the first Sunday of June - June 7th.

The Big Lunch originally was conceived by the Eden Project in Cornwall with the idea that wouldn't it be great if every street in the UK, people sat down together and got to know all the good people who live near them?

It would encourage small talk, and hopefully leading to bigger talk and conversations that inspire action.

It's easy to do and there's lots of help from the organizers - such as free invitation letters and posters  and other goodies in their Action Pack - just arrange a place and time - and everyone brings their own food.

Yet, despite being popular everywhere else, thus far, not much seems to be happening in Barry.

Can we change that and make a difference to our street, our community - as well enjoy a lovely lunch together?

There's more info at

What can we do to encourage people in Barry to get involved?

Could you arrange a Big Lunch for your friends or neighbours?

Will you get in touch with The Big Lunch web site?

Lots of food for thought here. What do you think?



Mark Hooper Apr 23, 2015

Yes we can...

count me in

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