How will Barry commemorate the Centenary of the First World War, and leave an educational legacy?

August 2014 marks the begining of the Centenary of the First World War.

The war changed society, and affected all of our lives to this day. The Barry Memorial Hall and Cenataph were built to mark the war, and most villages in Glamorgan have their own monuments.

So how ARE we going to mark the important events from 2014 - 18?

Barry at War group, itself one of 850 'First World War Centenary Partners of the Imperial War Museum' around the world, have created a WW1 'Trench Experience' at the Glamorgan Wartime Heritage Centre, located at the Barry Tourist Railway Station at Barry Island.

The interactive exhibt enables visitors to see what it was like in a section of First World War Trench. Visitors comment that it is like what they have seen at the Somme battlefield museum, or the IWM, London.

It isn`t large enough to do justice to such a momentoius event, and we`d like to create a larger one - more fitting, and one that will leave a lasting educational legacy.

Funding for WW1 projects is available from the Heritage Lottery.

The clock is ticking, and BaW are also now talking with partners in Cardiff, as we seek a larger venue to do justice to this commemoration.

We should look at the opportuniies for education and tourism afforded by the Centenary as part of Barry Regeneration.

The photo shows the WW1 dug-out in the trench at the Glamorgan Wartime Heritage Centre.
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Andy Green Mar 5, 2013

The photos of the WW! trenches at the Visitor Centre look amazing - and I know what limited resources you've had.
Have you thought of applying for a Barry Town Council grant? Deadline is this Friday.

Be great to see what others are planning to do to mark this historic occasion

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Ade Pitman Mar 6, 2013

We are really proud of the museum, and are seeking public acknowledgement. The museum is open this Sunday ( March 10) and we have a militaria fair in the building too, so people can buy things.

Its this sort of all weather tourism, coupled with education that we wish to promote in Barry.

We have applied for a 3 year grant programme with the Vale of Glamorgan, to help with the items we need to be able to use the facility for school and young people visits, and to underpin next years annual Wartime Weekend event

We have also applied for a grant from Barry Town to underpin this years event which is scheduled for 31 Aug / 1 Sep The theme is the purchace of a Spitfire by Barry, and we have provisionally booked a life sized replica Spitfire.

I`m hoping that the 'events space' mentioned in Barry regeneration is available and affordabale for next years event, ( the theme of which is the outbreak of the First World War - and we`d like to have a full sized tank made....but where do we store it afterwards. Our idea is that it would be available to rent to subsidise the museum, and fund the 2015 Wartime Weekend.....

We have the ideas. We have the people. What we need is a suitably large building and the financial support until we get established financially. We`re happy to say that we`ve had an enquiry from a Cardiff School , and a Barry Scout Group for visits.

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chrisCwm Mar 13, 2013

very nice photos

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Ade Pitman Mar 13, 2013

Thnx. Have you popped into the museum yet? We`re holding an evening of lectures on March 27th.

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Barry Ideas Bank Sep 28, 2014

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