create affordable business rates for basset up town

There are too many shops empty up the Bassett its such a shame that so much money has been spent on the side streets up town for private lalords to benefit, and yet the top end of the town is derelict. Why can't we have reduced business rates to encourage small businesses, would also be great to use old shops. We could do with a indoor market
edited on Mar 4, 2013 by Abi

Andy Green Mar 4, 2013

It is sad seeing some of the forlorn shops looking sad, tired at the top of Holton Road - although there are some excellent shops there such as the Barry Music shop.

I think we need a short-term boost like the idea of reduced rates could provide the right boost and tonic to hep existing and new traders.

We also need to think of doing something new and different to offer potential for more radical transformation. The idea of an indoor market could be an idea to offer something distinctly different. Or could there be a scheme to attract new entrepreneurs, like fashion designers to set up pop up shops.
Clearly, something needs to be done - at the moment it just seems to be allowed to drift downhill - physically and economically!

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