Barry Arts Festival

Barry Arts Festival is a celebration of Barry's creativity and will run from Friday 24th May to Sunday 2nd June 2013. It is organised by Canolfan Porthceri Centre, which is a group aiming to establish an arts and cultural centre in Barry, in conjunction with other groups in the town such as VOGA, Art4U and Pukka Productions. Following the success of last year's festival, which we said, we would never do again!, we have committed ourselves once more to making a whole host of events happen. This year we're having a festival parade, and lots of concerts, drama, art exhibitions. Find out more at - it's going to be a memorable Barry festive occasion!
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Andy Green Mar 3, 2013

This is great news for Barry - you and your team should be really congratulated - and it seems there is something for everyone to get engaged with.

The festival parade idea sounds interesting are there any more details on that?

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Paul Haley Apr 3, 2013

More power to your elbow Dot! Barry Arts Festival was an initiative that showed what community groups can achieve. It is a Festival that has legs, and can organically grow.... and as it does so, then people start to come for a long stay weekend to be at the festival events. So, hotels will get involved over time in promoting. This is the future of Barry, through developing local events, using existing local groups and then giving them support and encouragement to develop. I do think the Vale Council should be making lamp-posts available on Port Road, Millenium Way on Waterfront, and in front of every train station in Barry, so that proper promotinal banners can advertise these events to the thousands of daily commuters and visitors. Many of these lamp-posts were specially installed to meet the H&S requirements to fly banners, and yet are not used. I have asked several times over the years, so maybe publicising it here will get some attention to ..... "Make Things Happen"

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