Redeveloping the former Butlins site at Nells Point, Barry

A press announcement by the Welsh Government regarding Barry Island regeneration reports of a £690,000 investment on the former Butlins site at Nells Point, Barry.

What does it mean for Barry and for you?

Is it good news?

A sign of better things to come?

Or is investing on the right things?

Is it a waste of money?

What do you think?
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Ade Pitman Mar 5, 2013

I was full of optimism when I heard from the BBC of the impending announcement - but this soon evaporated. If this is the best the board can come up with then the board make up should be reassessed.

I don`t think that a new cafe, a bench and a fountain with path will place Barry on the tourism map again, nor make it become an all weather attraction again.

I don`t like to say 'told you so', but I did say weeks ago that the toilet block would become a cafe, rather than a community facility. I wonder who will occupy that premises ( wink).

As a regular organiser of events in Barry, I do however welcome the creation of an 'event space'. I hope that events organisers are consulted on what we need. With support, there`s no reason why there can`t be an event in Barry every weekend throughout the summer.

A letter forwarded to me infers that 'this will be a waste of money' unless Barry receives stage two regeneration funding. Well maybe something stand alone would have been a better idea.

When this near sighted use of much needed regeneration money is spent, I`ll sit on the bench on a rainy November day, look at the turned off fountain - now full of cans and broken bottles, and read the grafiti on the new toilet block.......and reflect on what could have been!

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Barry Ideas Bank Mar 5, 2013

A frustration we at the BarryIdeasbank are experiencing is the opportunity currently being ignored by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to use this site as a sounding board for new ideas.
Our motto is: 'Prebutal is the new rebuttal'. Rather than do things and then react why not consult via the IdeasBank on any proposed scheme, get feedback and decided to take on board.
So, can sympathise with your frustration.
While there is a major positive of significant investment being made in Barry - which one local described as 'better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick' could more be done to engage with the local community in the process of realizing the fullpotential of any investment?

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Paul Haley Apr 3, 2013

Phase 2 is for 3 undercover open all year round attractions on Nell's Point. The study has been completed to demonstrate the sustainability and viability, visitor predictions, numbers of jobs created, inward investment, economic turnover, and most importantly the type of attractions that would make Barry have something that does not exist elsewhere within a 2 to 3 hour drive. I fully support this, The Barry Regeneration Board fully supports this. If it now doesn't happen, then people should look elsewhere for targets to blame... so make some noise and support this... and help "Make This Happen".

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Barry Ideas Bank May 27, 2013

If there was ever a need for a Barry Ideasbank the latest consultation exercise issued by the Vale of Glamorgan Council on May 13 is a prime example for using it.
Local residents have been asked for their views on the development against a background noise of bulldozers, diggers, and concrete grinding machines working on the site.
There are even banners advertising forthcoming events at the site.
What are people to believe? That their views count and their opinions will honestly be taken on board?

The Council's Planning Officers have stock get-out-of jail answers when pressed about the integrity behind the consultation: the building work is just preparatory, the events don't require planning permission...

Yet, they shouldn't be in the proverbial jail in the first place if they had actually consulted, engaged and participated in exchanging and listening to different ideas and perspectives via the IdeasBank.
There are a number of concerns from residents. There are a number of ideas which, if taken on board, could make the project even better. Yet, given the urgent timeline that exists, with events planned for early June going on site, will there realistically be any chance of other viewpoints being listened to and new ideas acted upon?
The Barry IdeasBank has a mantra: 'Prebuttal is better than rebuttal'
Maybe, one day its potential will be harnessed and realized. Or will we witness even more 'bulldozer consultations'?

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Mark Roberts May 27, 2013

My wife and I moved here in 2008 knowing that at some time the derelict land, part of which is subject to this planning application would be re-developed. Having read the Application, even though it appears to detail a temporary use of the land until a more long term use of the land is decided upon, we have some concerns regarding the process and the development itself. We are not against development per se as the land in its derelict condition since the Butlins / Majestic site was demolished has been a waste of a prize asset that could have mitigated the steady decline in tourism and its resulting impact that has occurred.

Planning Process
We were unaware of the Council’s intentions before work commenced. We believed that work was being undertaken to remove the mounds of earth / debris that has littered the site to make it safer for members of the public to use the car park during busy periods when additional car parking was required because of high visitor numbers.

It was not until a Planning Notice was posted by hand on 14th May that the full extent of the works was clear.

My understanding of the Planning Process is that approval must be provided before any work associated with an Application commences. If a member of the public commenced work without gaining Planning Approval then the authority has the power to stop the works until the necessary Approval has been granted. In this case, work has shown no sign of abating and it appears that there is the assumption on the part of the Council that Approval will be provided.

Proposed Use
The Application does not provide sufficient details as to precisely what is meant as ‘temporary events area’ which is described differently elsewhere in the Application. To include these terms in the Application itself, I would assume that there have already been activities / events reserved for the site over the holiday season and therefore could be used as examples of intention for its use to provide local residents a firm basis on which to judge the Application.

Local residents are aware of the force of the winds that prevail across the site at certain times of the year including during the summer months. After these houses were built, additional measures had to be taken by the builders to upgrade some of the properties to cater for the weather conditions.

‘Temporary events area’ implies market stalls that would be totally unsuitable in such conditions unless some form of shelter structure was provided to them or even relocate to a more suitable area within the overall site.

Future Use
Over the years there has been several suggestions as to the final use of the site which have not materialised for one reason or another.

One of the suggestions has been for the creation of a caravan park on the site to which the Planning Design and Access Statement for this current application refers.

Our concern is that if this Planning Application is approved with these details included, that any future Planning Application specifically for a caravan park could refer to this application as the precedence for / community acceptance of the caravan park.

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