Should Barry be doing more with beach volleyball and other beach sports?

News of the seaside resort of Skegness on the east coast of England become home to the country's national beach sports stadium offers inspiration to Barry.

If approved, the Skegness venue would host all international beach soccer matches and national tournaments as well as local league games.The 2,040 seat stadium, sited adjacent to the pier, would also be used as a training venue.

The company behind the plans, Skegness Beach Stadium Ltd, said events would attract 400,000 spectators a year.
More details here:

This raises the question for Barry: Could more be done to promote beach sports on the five beaches of the Barry Riviera?

Whitmore Bay sometimes has beach volleyball nets up.
We suspect most locals are a bit too self conscious to play the game.
Yet, there could be great potential for local leagues - with pub and club teams. Or for the youngsters tournaments with scouts and guides and local schools.
So what can be done, to do more beach sports in Barry?
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Ade Pitman Mar 5, 2013

With the amount of people with off-road bikes in Barry, I`d like to see a beach that which attracts thousands of people each year to Weston Super Mare.

That would help to extend the season.

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Coach_carlos Aug 20, 2013

I would love to see more sporting events at Barry Island, but there is always as issue of getting on and off the island, as well as keeping the traders happy.
Having run and orginised all the beach volleyball events at Barry Island in the past, it has always been a great sucess.
but with lack of funding, and some not so nice encounters with some of the traders when running the events, i have not opted to run another championships at barry island for 4 years now.
But I think with the way things ARE improving I think there is a great possibility that I will hold the British championships again on BArry Island in 2014.
Yours Carl

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Barry Ideas Bank Aug 22, 2013

Would be great if you could do all you can to bring the British Championships to Barry Island - we have great natural facilities with the beach.
It's a concern about your reference 'not so nice encounters with traders' - I am sure you will find a fresh approach and attitude from the current traders. If not do let us know.

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RobTheCoach Aug 21, 2013

We ran a Beach Tennis Court at last weekend's Vale beach sports weekender. It went down a storm, with people playing on the court all day. I would be keen to run an annual participation event on the beach every year plus a beach tennis tournament. Beach Tennis is huge across the world running world ranking events alongside beach volleyball tournaments. I work for Vale Tennis Academy and we run a coaching programme on the island at barry athletic tennis club. We also run programmes at 3 other venues in the vale of Glamorgan and have strong ties with Tennis Wales. We are running a similar event for touchtennis in penarth and looking to attract players from all over the UK. We would look to do the same on the island with beach tennis.

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Barry Ideas Bank Aug 22, 2013

Is there a British Beach Tennis or Welsh Beach Tennis Association?

We know you do some great work with the Vale Academy teaching youngsters and grown ups at Barry Tennis Club on the Island.

What do we need to do to make it grow and happen?

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