Naming the new Island Link road.

With the Waterside redevelopment in full swing, we aren't far from getting a new link road to Barry Island. Since it will be such vital artery onto the Island I think the people of Barry should have the chance to name it.

Who agrees, and what do you think it's name should be?

Stuart Bechares Apr 16, 2015

Would be good to have a new road named in English only as this would truly represent an area that has always been predominantly English speaking.

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Belinda Brown Apr 17, 2015

I suggest the new Barry Island link road is named Dambuster Way.  In memory of Gordon Yeo "The Barry Dambuster" who was killed in the raid.

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Barry Ideas Bank Apr 21, 2015

Does anyone what the official procedure is for naming roads and if there are any plans?

The new road is a great PR opportunity for celebrating new investment and new life and vigour for Barry and Barry Island.

Any more suggestions?


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