Does flotsam on the beach create an opportunity?

Any flotsam or floating waste that gets washed up on Whitmore Bay beach as a matter of routine gets efficiently picked up and removed by the Vale Council, who it must be said, usually do a very good job keeping the beach clean.
In some cases however it might provide an opportunity for a new tourist attraction for Barry Island.
As we write, a magnificent tree was washed up at Whitmore Bay - yes a tree, not branch or a log, but a tree.
Should this be immediately collected and removed by the Council, or should it be left there forever?
Firstly, it is a curiously attractive landmark on the beach.
Secondly, it provides a fun climbing frame for youngsters and prop for Kodak moments for family visitors.
Thirdly, it is also a welcome nature's-own-bench for those wanting a sit down breather.
Is there an option that it should be left for a couple of weeks?
It could even make a news story or photograph. After a few weeks, before it becomes a health and safety hazard, or starts breaking up, then it should be removed.
There's an important creativity lesson here about being flexible in your thinking, that options are not always black or white, yes or no.
Back in 2009 a dead whale got washed up on the Knap beach. Yes, the rotting flesh had to be removed as a health hazard. But maybe Barry missed out on an opportunity to have the whale's skeleton returned to the Knap and used as a landmark - like in Whitby, Yorkshire.
Sometimes the unexpected provides new opportunities that require non-standard ways of responding.
What do you think?
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Abi Mar 4, 2013

Leave it there

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