Barry Community Magazine.

A monthly magazine that celebrates Barry. Not so long ago a local resident produced a magazine called 'coast' it was always a pleasure to read as it was full of positive news. There are many things going on in Barry now, but there is no central 'hub' magazine that makes it easy to find out about these events. We need something that combines the uplifting quality of 'coast' with the informative quality of lets say 'buzz' magazine in Cardiff.
Maybe it could be run by a voluntary constituted group that could apply for a grant to cover the cost of a part time editor / reporter.

Graham D Mar 2, 2013

This ideas has a great deal of merit.

There is a similar, good quality magazine in Penarth called Penarth View .

I have had a chat with the editor and publisher run by Nigel Dudley expressing an interest in expanding into Barry. Nigel believes the idea has merit though he couldn't commit to it as the magazine is financed by advertising. Nigel has invested considerable time and money developing relationships with many businesses in Penarth to build up his advertising base. It is now becoming a successful magazine with a good following of local businesses and an active social media campaign which itself has spawned social networking meetings.

It requires an entrepreneur with social skills and a large network of contacts in Barry to launch and sustain a similar magazine. It will require journalistic support to research and publish suitable stories.

I am keen to get involved, I can bring design and publishing skills together with a good network of business contacts. What I don't have is time. I would be happy to work with anyone interested in a joint venture.

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