Celebrating famous people called Barry

In promoting Barry should we also promote famous namesakes called Barry?

We could have an international day of celebration for anyone called 'Barry'?

What would your top 5 list of favourite Barry's include? (With Barry Island of course being #1)

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Here's a list of famous Barry's from the world of entertainment, sports and politics.

Can you think of any more?
Why not share on here your Top 5 Barry's?

Barry Gibb
Barry Manilow
Barry Humphries
Barry White
Barry Sheerman MP
Barry Evans x2 - former ‘East Enders’ and fhe other one who was in 'Doctor in the House’)
Barry Chuckle
Barry Cryer
Barry McGuigan
Barry Sheene
Barry Horne
Barry Venison
Barry John

Any more famous Barry's to add to the list?

Andy Green Feb 23, 2013

How about Barry Biggs who had a great #1 reggae hit with 'Sideshow' in the 1970's

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Barry Ideas Bank Aug 18, 2014

Apparently President Barack Obama is known to his friends as 'Barry'

With the NATO Summit in Cardiff - hope he pops into his namesake seaside resort

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