Barry Island Ideas Banks

How it works

This is your chance to share any idea - no matter how big or small - that you think would be a good thing for making Barry yet better. It is run by a not-for-profit social enterprise, the Flexible Thinking Forum, which based in Barry. It has received grant support from UnLtd. and also the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

How your IdeasBank works:

Step 1
You either have your own idea or want to check on other people's ideas.

You can add to an idea, or have a suggestion on how to make it better in some way. You can photos, videos, drawings, documents to your ideas.

You can also submit your own video clip of you talking about your idea for our very own video blog.

Step 2
We have provided 3 different banks to capture different ideas.

Just clink on the link to enter the Idea Bank of your choice.

  • Idea Bank 1 is for any ideas for making  Barry even better
  • Idea Bank 2 is for sharing funny things that you see
  • Idea Bank 3 is for celebrating the lives of Barry people - famous or not

If you want to share a photo, video, drawing or document just follow the instructions on the page. 

Step 3
Add your ideas, and suggestions. All constructive comments welcome.
Add your vote to any ideas you like.
Please no bad language, no abusive comments, and show respect for others.

Check out the Rules below.

Step 4
Keep on visiting your Ideas Bank - and tell your friends about it - get them to share their ideas.

Spread the word, Tweet if you're on Twitter.

Step 5

We are keen to run as many community idea sessions across Barry. We will come to your workplace, group or centre and run a fun, easy-to-do idea generating and capturing session with you and your friends, colleagues or neighbours. The ideas generated from these sessions will then be added to this site.

Get in touch to organize your event now!


What happens to these ideas?
By encouraging as many people to submit or develop ideas we aim to make this a valuable resource for any working to make Barry a better place.

By sharing your idea you are making it available for ayone else in Barry with a desire to make a difference to take your idea forward in some way.

We are liaising with the local authority, Welsh Government, and local groups, such as Pride in Barry, to make ideas available for them to realize if possible.

We will be holding special Barry Kultura evenings - see Events section of this site - with local people like you presenting their ideas.

Also, you might see an idea here which you can make happen in some way.


Rules of this site

1. Don’t hurt anyone - please don’t add comments on this site which attack individuals, are racist or offensive.

2. Do good to make better - ideas are to be shared, added to, or challenged as a constructive friend.

3. Fulfil your potential - both of yourself and your community. Recognise that everyone is a phenomenal creativity machine and we can all gain from working together

4. Give Credit -celebrate other people’s ideas and your own. Also, if you are using anyone else’s ideas, photos, documents - acknowledge their source or seek permission to use where necessary.

5. Be free - of any political affiliation and independent of mind.