Barry Island Ideas Banks

Barry Island Ideas Banks

Barry IdeasBank is a commercially and politically independent forum run by social enterprise, the Flexible Thinking Forum.

The rules of this site are simple: 

  1. Don’t hurt anyone - please don’t add comments on this site which attack individuals, are racist or offensive.
  2. Do good to make better - ideas are to be shared, added to, or challenged made in the spirit of a constructive friend.
  3. Fulfil your potential - both of yourself and your community. Recognise that everyone is a phenomenal creativity machine and we can all gain from working together
  4. Give Credit - celebrate other people’s ideas and your own. Also, if you are using anyone else’s ideas, photos, documents - acknowledge their source or seek permission to use where necessary.
  5. Be free of any political affiliation and independent of mind.

Now go vote, add to other people's ideas or share your own.

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